Antibes - juan les pins Sophia-Antipolis

Antibes – Juan Les Pins – Sophia Antipolis, second largest city in the department of the Alpes Maritimes, is the CITY on French Riviera you just have to visit.

Antibes also has the advantage of beautiful sunny weather, a blue sky, golden beaches, 2600 years of history and solid tourist equipment and environment.

The center of Sophia Antipolis founded by Senator Pierre LAFFITTE, provides all the hotels and sporting facilities for the scientists and researchers staying there

For people who like sailing, the Cap d’Antibes offers protection from the Mistral wind (Antibes) and Juan Les Pins gives shelter from east wind.

On the other hand Antibes has become an important artistic center, where you can enjoy a great number of artistic events.

Doctor Jean LEONETTI,
deputy and mayor of Antibes-Juan Les Pins,
thanks Miss Joelle RICHARD GALLINELLI,
new writer from Antibes (Photo Gee)

Marche provencal for Christmas (photo Pierre-GEE)
Under this place, there is 2600 years, of vestiges.

Every Thursday the Provencal Market takes the all-old city place. Every product from Provencal is shows and can be buy

At This Place The “Calypso” of Commandant Cousteau, should been rebuilt around 1950 before she goes all over the seas.
“Chantier Naval Opera” : The Opera of Antibes were built into the old navy works; however, the acoustic is from of the best. (Photo Pierre-GEE)

Harbor wee from "Chantier Naval Opera",
Look at the two Saracens towers in old city (Photo Pierre)

Antibes old city and Harbor, in front of the “fort Carre” which was built in the 17° century by Sir Vauban. At this time Antibes was the last harbor before the frontier of France (Photo Pierre)

Antibes Old city The Harbor and The “Fort Carre” (photo Pierre)

The “Fort Carre”, from the Harbor (Photo Pierre)

Firework display at Fort Carre in summer (photo Pierre)

Cap d’Antibes From South-West, this place is called “baie des milliardaires” (Photo Pierre)

Cap d’Antibes from the South Look at Antibes on the Wright and Juan les Pins on the left (Photo Pierre)

Beach of Juan Les pins (Photo Pierre)

Juan Les Pins and the Cap d’Antibes, on the left le “Phare de la Garoupe » (Photo Pierre)

It so Good life in our south: "The little England"!