The first Celtic migration settled in Gaul between the 15° and 18° century before J.C. This period is approximately that of the Bronze Age.

The first Celts coming to Europe found a completely isolate place, no people (or few) just the remains of an ancient civilization such as Dolmen (stones) like the one found near Draguignan.

As soon as the Etruscan civilisation started spreading towards Gaul (from the Greek Galatie: Gaul) they established a great number of exchanges with Celts, and little by little mad they own civilisation penetrate amongst the tribes, originated from Central Europe, who got they own writing.

During the 6° century before J.C. Greek colonisers from Asia Minor, (today’s Turkey) the Phoceens from the city of Phocee founded a colony east of Rhone delta. Their relationship with the Celts from south of France who were called Celto-Ligures or Ligures were so good that they founded the city of Massalia. The bagpipe, which is still played on the island of Kalimnos, is said to have been brought to the Celts at this period.

The ships belonging to the Phoceens sailed around the Cyclade Islands (the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea) navigated around the Italian boot and stopped over on the oriental coast of Corsica. (Alalia: destroyed in the 5° century). Then they sailed from Cap Corse to the continent.

From the 6° century till year 450 before J. C. the Ligures used to fires at night near the Cap d’Antibes so as to indicate to the sailors on the Greeks ships

Vestige of Greek Sanctuary of The 6° century before Christ

Funeral urn of Marathon
of 5° century before Christ.
The Athenian law not allowed to put
the ashes of death people into it

A N T I P O L I S (Antipolis)