Everything Rome achieved in constructing a vast civilisation vanished more and more because of all the different invasions.

Antiboul resisted with the energy of despair. Around 500 Visigoth attacked it.

From 508 onwards the Ostrogoths, who had formed an alliance with Rome at first, took over in Procence and the Roman monastic institutions were restored for some time. Other monasteries were build, like the one on the islands of Lerins (between Antibes and Cannes)

Antiboul lost its autonomy.

It sank in two centuries of obscurantism, leaving behind numerous but poor remnants of its glorious past, yet suffering agonies from all the disasters of that time. However, the worst was yet to come.

Since the reign of “Merovee” legendary king of Francs the Francs –in the beginning Rome’alliea (Salian Francs – Chef Francs was Consul of Rome) were reigning over the occidental Gaul and benefiting from the “great invasion”.

Antiboul fell under their authority for some time, but had to suffer from the decline of “the Lazy kings”. It was at that time that the SARACENS tried to invade the south of Gaul (massacre of the monks on the island of St.) Honorat about 730)

A MAYOR of the palace (at that time governor): Charles Martel, who was Earl of Provence as well, stopped them at Poitiers in 732. However, the raids by the land forces did not stop in spite of this.

Charlemagne (the CAROLINGIAN Francs reigned after the “Lazy Kings” – MEROVIGIAN dynasty) took over the occidental empire and ANTIBOUL enjoyed a period of peace.

After the reign of Charlemagne Provence emerge in a kind of kingdom in 855.

After the severe defeat of the Saracens in 960 Earl William II of Provence freed the Moor Mountains from the Saracens occupation. Rodoard who was the hero of that battle became Lord Of Antiboul.

One of the Two Saracens Towers (Photo Gee)

The two Saracens towers gave a good protection to Antibes from the raids of Saracens from the sea, The castles of Grimaldi is from the 16° century

(photo Pierre)

Grimaldi Castle From the XVI° century : Museum Picasso (Photo Gee)

Antiboul rose from its ashes.

Attacked and ravaged by the Normans and even more so by Saracens, Provence ended up under to the authority of Bourgogne and later on under that of the Saint Roman-Germanic Empire from 1032 on.

While the Oriental Provence had become an Earldom since 1125, Antiboul had under the Aegis of the Kingdom of Aragon by marriage. The modern fortifications from that period protected the city (Saracen Towers).

The crusades, thanks to seaboard trade, brought new wealth once again.

For some time Antiboul had a Bishop’s Palace again which was later transferred to Grasses.

During the years 1241-1244 three important unions were elected by the population to administrate the city.

This were happy time for the ability and power of Antiboul and its many suzerains, keeping full control of their administration, and the time of University of Antiboul, until it became French two century later and was called ANTIBES.